San Diego Tourism Authority

Tourism is the third-largest economic driver in San Diego – generating $23.4 billion in regional economic impact in FY 2023, contributing to more than $1 billion in transient occupancy taxes, sales taxes and property taxes to government entities, and supporting more than 200,000 tourism-related jobs in the County.

At the center of this dynamic environment is the San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA), the sales and marketing engine focused on promoting and marketing San Diego as a preferred vacation and meeting destination for leisure and business travelers from around the world. SDTA is the largest recipient of SDTMD funding, receiving approximately 95 percent of available funds for tourism marketing and promotion. SDTA programs are crucial to gaining market share and showcasing San Diego as a world-class tourism location.

Key highlights FY 2023:

  • SDTA’s marketing activities were successful in attracting over 30 million visitors to the City and generating $14.3 billion in total visitor spending
  • SDTA’s work has helped make San Diego a Top 5 travel destination for U.S. residents and the 11th most visited city for overseas visitors
  • SDTA campaigns influenced 6.4 million room nights at TMD hotels and $1.3 billion in hotel room revenue
  • The City of San Diego experienced strong demand for hotel room nights, which averaged 73.7 percent occupancy, as a result of SDTA programs

ROI 33.5:1

FY 2023 Funded Amount$37,418,777
Hotel Room Nights6,364,174
x Average Daily Rate$196.77
= Total Room Night Revenue$1,252,278,518