In 2012, in partnership with Civitas, a nationally recognized business improvement district consultant, a detailed District Management Plan was developed and provided to the San Diego Tourism Marketing District Corporation and the City of San Diego. This Management Plan provides information about the history and purpose of the SDTMD. It details the types of programs and services that the SDTMD helps fund. It covers the procedures and policies governing assessments, activities, and outlines the governance and oversight of the SDTMD. The current district management plan is effective through June 30, 2052, with the existing operating agreement renewed in 2020 for 10 years by the San Diego City Council. Additional information can be found on the City of San Diego website.

Governing Documents

District Management Plan

SDTMD Operating Agreement

SDTMD Bylaws

Corporation Second Amendment and Resolution

Resolution of Formation

Resolution of Intent

TE Oxford Final November 2013