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Meetings & Reports

Board Meetings

SDTMD’s Board of Directors meet regularly throughout the year. SDTMD’s Board of Directors meet regularly throughout the year. Regular Meeting agendas will be posted 72 hours prior to their start time and Special Meeting agendas will be posted 24 hours prior. Click here for the current board meeting schedule. 

Annual Performance Reports

Each year, SDTMD produces an annual report detailing its activities, return on investment for assessed hotels and contributions to the City’s tourism economy.

FY 2023

FY 2022

FY 2021

FY 2020

FY 2019

FY 2018

FY 2017

FY 2016

FY 2015

FY 2014

FY 2013

FY 2012

FY 2011

FY 2010

Reports of Activities

SDTMD presents a Report of Activities to City Council each year that reflects the recommended allocations of assessments for the upcoming fiscal year. Audited financials for each fiscal year are also provided.

Milestone Reports

Every five years, the SDTMD prepares a retrospective and prospective Milestone Report which includes past activities, successes and tangible outcomes, as well as forecasting longer-term goals and intentions.

Master Plan

In 2015, San Diego completed its first destination master plan that lays out ambitious but attainable strategies to attract more visitors and increase visitor spending. The 20-year plan focuses on four main areas: investing in new and existing leisure assets, expanding meeting and convention tourism, improving transportation and investing in the San Diego brand to grow and extend its reach.

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