To download the most recent list of TMD assessed business properties received from the City, click here:  Download

The list of TMD assessed lodging properties is regularly updated by the Office of the City Treasurer and reflects the most recent information submitted by the lodging business certificate holder.

If you feel that your listing is incorrect and needs to be updated, you must file an application to update your account with the City of San Diego. Additional information can be found on the City of San Diego Treasurer’s website.  If you have further questions regarding your TOT / TMD certificate, please contact:

TOT / TMD Administration
Office of the City Treasurer
City of San Diego
(619) 615-1530 office


NOTE: We are currently in the process of updating our database in order to improve communication with our TMD lodging establishments. Due to compliance with confidentiality requirements, the City of San Diego is allowing only the property information for the SDTMD lodging businesses to be posted.